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Hey i'm Jon. Not much to say lol. i mainly use deviant art, not avidly, but whenever i feel inspired to look at digimon or fan made digimon. I get tired of reading about the new digimon games being released and wondering if or when they will make it to the US so this helps me kill time.

Um in not much of a online role player or anything like that but i do have a gaiaonline account which is pretty cool (iRyujinJakka). So yeah.. P.S. the art have all been payed via gaian gold and or paypal. Please do not steal or copy my art or work. Thank you again to all who have accepted my commission and have produced amazing art for me <3


In a land of magic and mystic two nations are at the precipice of war. Divided each nation sent candidates through various realms in search for powerful relics known as Atlamillia which have been prophesied to determine the outcome of the war.
Gianluca Vitale Armed by iDranOberonEve Fiore Armed by iDranOberonSerafino Blink by iDranOberonFrancesco Innocenzio Blink by iDranOberonNicoli Triste Armed by iDranOberonKarina Volpe Armed by iDranOberonSirocco Chibi Pixel Blink by iDranOberonFrancesco Dark Elf Mode by iDranOberon Ariele Letale by iDranOberonRiodan by iDranOberonMilan by iDranOberonKing Arthur: The Once and Future King by iDranOberonMaximillian By Shidei by iDranOberonSonja Fierezza Armed by iDranOberonAriele Light Faerie Mode by iDranOberonRiordan Transformed by iDranOberon
Gianluca Vitale: loyal
Eve Fiore: compassionate
Serafino Fuoco: competitive
Francesco Innocenzio: innocent inquisitve enthusiastic
Nicoli Triste: mischevous
Karina Volpe: fascination mercy
Sirocco: perseverance
Ariel Letale: adventurous
Fausto Sagezza: prudent
Fontina Fuoco: competitive
Mikhail Sovrano: proud honor
Arlecchino Triste: mysterious
Sonja Fierezza: determined
Mustardseed: spontaneous

*Note: This is a fictional world with fictional characters created for fun and is based off of various anime and jrp games.

Prologue 1: The Great War

    The world was once ravaged by war and strife. One realm used Mystic Arms to restore order and peace throughout the land. Towards the end of the chaos the Great King banished the Daemon Lord, the source of all evil, inside a magical prison. Almost a decade has passed yet Dark Followers, those who follow the Daemon Lord and aim to release him from his prison, resist.

Main Story Line:

-Part 1-
Twelve years have passed since the war has started, Gianluca wakes up and prepares himself for the important day ahead, for today is Castle Airyglyph's open entrance exams. On this day many young men and women of all background travel to the castle to participate in a series of physical and mental tests to determine if he or she is worthy of becoming a knight-in-training. Outside of his door he is greeted by Eve, his neighbor and long time friend. Both Gianluca and Eve are entering the exams with hopes of contributing to the war and follow in their fathers' footsteps, who served in the same brigade, and died in the same battle.
    The two work diligently in every test. They know that passing all of the tests does not guarantee a submission into Airyglyph Acadmeny, subsequently nor does failing all of the tests. In Gianluca's final test he faces off against a boy his own age named Ariel. Although Gianluca looses the match he is impressed by Ariel's skills and kindness after battle. Gianluca waits for invitation notices to be handed out with Eve but gets tired and retires to his dorm. All he wants to do is make his father proud. His thoughts puts himself to sleep.
    After a quick nap he wakes up in his dark room. No one has come for him. This was the end to his dream and begins to doubt his potential. Gianluca collects his belongings and heads out of the door. Outside of his room he looks around at the empty hallway, it appears that the others have already packed and left. Just before closing the door he notices something underneath the door, a letter of some sort. There in his hands is a submission invitation and he was late to the ceremony. Mixed emotions overwhelm him; a voice from behind startles him. It was none other than Eve. She grabs him and rushes through the castle. Gianluca is able to catch his breath when she finally stops in front of two large doors. With a smile she pushes the doors open and reveals a celebration being held inside. During the celebration Gianluca's luggage spills open. A man assists him in recovering his belongings who would very soon become his team captain.

-Part 2-
    Gianluca wakes up, the invitation ceremony and celebration was a dream come true. He was glad to know that Eve and Ariel received an invitation as well. Today he is going to meet his new teammates and team captain. Each team is composed of one team captain and four knights-in-training or acolytes. It is the team captain's duty to prepare the acolytes to become full fledged knight while bestowing lessons in both life and combat. As usual Gianluca is late for the meeting. He rushes through the castle trying to navigate through its complex hallways. When he finally arrives at his team's meeting room he apologizes profusely for his tardiness. Opening his eyes he looks around the small room and sees three figures looking back at him. One was Eve, who he was pleasantly surprised. The second was Serafino, a tall male with golden hair. The third and final figure was of a boy a year younger than Gianluca named Francisco, who had the world's biggest smile on his face. Gianluca looks around for someone who might be their team captain. Eve explains that while Gianluca is late it seems that their team captain has not yet arrived. The four start to introduce each other and when introductions were over Gianluca asked how every one did in their entrance exams. Both Gianluca and Eve completed over half of the tests. Gianluca however scored amazingly in intellectual tests while Eve scored exceedingly high in physical combat tests. Serafino passed all of his tests with above average marks. To their surprise Francisco did not pass any of his tests but received marks on perseverance and attitude. Serafino mentions that Francisco has not made another facial expression besides smiling since he arrived. A knock on the door alerts the four acolytes of their captains arrival at last. He introduces himself as Amyas and Gianluca recognizes him from the celebration. Amyas quickly explains his role as team captain and a few of the rules and guidelines they all must abide by.

-Part 3-
    The next day would be the teams first mission. The mission starts off slow as the members get to know each other. Francisco has not explored the world beyond his village and was very curious about every little thing. Gianluca admires Francisco unquenchable curiosity and positive approach to life. Serafino speaks crudely but admires his outright honesty.  Every one in some way or another makes a mistake during the mission but is guided by Amyas to learn from the mistakes. The mission is barely a success and the team is exhausted beyond belief. They realize that they must train harder if they ever dream of becoming full fledged knights. Coming back from the teams first mission they meet Ariel's captain Yuriko and other members of his brigade, Sasha, Mikhail and Artem. Yuriko and Amyas were competitors since their time in the academy as knights-in-training themselves.
    Eve, while going back to her room, briefly meets Nicoli who acts suspiciously. She follows him but he disappears.

-Part 4-
    Rumors of that a spy has infiltrated the castle has spread. Members of the academy are uneasy not knowing who among them is a traitor and Eve tells her team about the mysterious fellow she had seen the previous night.
    While on patrol Serafino meets Cellophine, an injured Dark Follower. She reminds Serafino of his younger sister. Despite Cellophine's pleas Serafino follows his duty and turns her to the castle guards.
    Serafino and Eve each has each lead a successful mission of their own and by now the team has bonded with each other. Each and every time Amyas leaves right after. Francisco question where he always disappears to. Francisco is the only member to have not yet lead the team in a mission. He starts to fell that his talents and ideas are overlooked so he goes off on his own to track down a wild monster to prove his worth. Amyas fells guilty and a failure as a mentor because it was not his intention to make Francisco feel neglected and admittedly took Francisco's radiant positivity for granted.
    Later that night, with Francisco still out, Serafino gets word that Cellophine has been executed after being interrogated and tortured. Frustrated and conflicted Serafino goes out and takes his anger out on the forest trees. Amyas meets him in the forest. Serafino explains that Cellophine has reminded him of his younger sister who was once gravely ill. An Airyglyph knight who was passing by on patrol witnessed Serafino's father beg the town doctor for the medicine. The doctor refused without payment, the knight stepped in paid for the medicine out of his own pocket. The knight left before the father could properly thank him. The way his father spoke about the knight inspired him. All Serafino wants is to become a knight who serves the people and one day pay the knight's kindness forward. Serafino fells that he has betrayed himself by turning in Cellophine. Amyas comforts Serafino, unbeknownst to Serafino Amyas was the knight of his father's story.
    Francisco comes back from his successful solo mission and Amyas has a gift waiting for him. A pendant that Amyas received from his team captain when he was in the academy.

-Part 5-
    Gianluca takes a moment to take it all in. He is grateful for all of his accomplishments and his new friends. He couldn't be happier and would not trade this experience for anything in the world. He gets up early to write his mother a letter. Midway through his letter he gets an idea and goes to Eve's dorm. She was delighted that he asked if they could write to their mothers together. It was a sweet and gentle gesture that proved to Eve that Gianluca is sincere at heart. The two go to deliver drop off the mail when she spots Nicoli once again. This time he will not escape her. She diverts from the path to follow him. Gianluca is confused but follows suit. Despite their efforts to remain inconspicuous Nicoli is on to them. A silly chase through the market section ensues. Eve and Gianluca follows Nicoli to a dead end but to their surprise he has once again disappeared.
    Captain Amyas and Captain Yuriko set up a game of capture the flag. The two teams have very different approaches when the games starts. Amyas decides to make Francisco team leader for this competition. Francisco's plan is to have a balance between offense and defense. Since Eve and Serafino are the best at close combat he has them advance. Gianluca will go to the middle ground and will try to intercept any of Ariel's members. Francisco will protect the flag himself. Ariel has a different approach. At the very start of the game he has all of his members rush towards the flag. Ariel's rush tactic takes the team by surprise. Sasha and Mikhail intercept Serafino and Eve. Artem and Ariel continue to advance with Artem taking on Gianluca when they meet leaving Ariel to take on Francisco and the flag.

-Part 6-
    Every one is preparing the castle for the big festival. It is the time of the year that celebrates the end of the great war and the unification of the lands. Eve is a popular choice for the dance but she refuses the advances of many who ask with the notable exception of Gianluca's request. Serafino has many admires but does not want to be tied down or committed so he decides to go solo. The three guys help each other get ready for the big day ahead. Even Eve and Sasha are helping each other out. The night is splendid, every one is dancing, eating, and having fun. That is until all of the windows of the celebration hall shatter and Dark Followers emerge. While fighting off the Dark Followers Gianluca and Eve try to regroup with their team. Eve spots Amyas and Serafino fighting Dark Followers outside in the courtyard but no sign of Francisco. To Eve's confusion Amyas and Serafino were fighting Yuriko, Sasha, and Mikhal. Amyas tells Eve that they are alright and should continue to look for Francisco without them. Eve and Gianluca decide to go up to his room. They see Ariel enter the guy's dorm ahead of them. Artem tries to stop both of them but Eve insists that Gianluca go up head. She beats Artem and rushes to catch up with Gianluca. Artem is out of Eve's sight and is barely able to raise himself from the ground when he hears footsteps of soldiers surround him. He is struck through the chest. She reaches Gianluca and sees that he is in complete paralytic shock. Eve is brought to her knees in screams and tears when she realizes what Gianluca had seen. In the common room of the guy's dorm lies Francisco covered in blood and wounds. Ariel is hovering over his body with blood on his hand and torso. Serafino and Amyas catch up to the two in the guy's dorm. Amyas notices Ariel holding a number of manuscripts. Serafino charges past the frozen Gianluca but before he could attack Ariel flees through the window. Amyas stops Serafino, who is half way out of the window, from perusing. Gianluca walks slowly towards the body with tear filled eyes. He gets on his knees and holds Francisco in his arms. Amyas goes to comfort the heart broken Eve.
     The following day was sombre for all. Many sustained casualties and a funeral service was given to those who had lost their lives in the battle. Others were labeled missing, deserters, or traitors. Little time is given to morn as all knights and knights-in-training are given orders. Amyas' team is ordered to go through the castle library and catalog all of the manuscripts, many of which were knocked down or ruined during the fighting. Gianluca, Eve, and Serafino can not focus on the task at hand. Amyas stops the team and gives them a much needed talk. Amyas notices that some of the manuscripts were missing and remembered that Ariel was carrying some during that night. He suspects that the battle was merely a diversion and that those manuscripts were the real aim.

-Part 7-
It has been a week since the battle. Gianluca is leads a mission as a nearby village has requested help. A monster has been ravaging the town's supply of food. When the team arrives the village is a complete wreck. The village elder greets them and describes the beast and the village's struggle. They head into the forest to find a cave where the beast is said to sleep. The situation is trickier than expected. The beast that has been raiding the town is looking for food because an even bigger monster was eating all of its food. The team has to subdue the beast and them destroy the bigger one. As the team heads back they unexpectedly run into Ariel as he is helping rebuild the village. Gianluca is furious at how calm and normal Ariel is as if that night never happened. Gianluca attacks without wasting a second. Ariel tries to calm Gianluca down who is fighting in a blind rage. Amyas steps in a forces Gianluca to stop. He wants Ariel to explain himself and why the members of Yuriko's team has turn traitor.
    Ariel confirms that he what the castle calls a Dark Follower attacked the castle but they are not what they are led to believe. The castle's stories about the great war are lies. There was filled with war and strife but the king was not as righteous as they make him out to be. The creation of mystic arms are forbidden because they require sacrifices as ritual ingredients. The king was using captured villagers from all over the land, including his own subjects in various tests long before the war. The war was in response to the king's terrible secret being revealed. Some realms were outraged that their subjects were taken for such a disgraceful act. Others foresaw the dangerous power of the mystic arms. Whatever the reason was each realm agreed to enter the war. Some time after the war started mystic arm creation was perfected. It was during this time that the tides of war changed. More deaths occurred due to the use of mystic arms. Realms wavered in their conviction or submitted to its power and joined the great king. The last realm to resist the great king was the one labeled the Daemon Lord. It is said that the Daemon Lord was the only one who knew how to release the souls withing the mystic arms rendering its power useless. The Dark Followers all have lost someone due to a mystic arm in one way or another.
    Information regarding the item and location of the Daemon Lord's prison was what he stole during the night of the attack and was indeed the sole purpose of the attack. Ariel further explains that he had his part in the attack and it wasn't to retrieve the information. That job was none other than Francisco. Francisco himself was the spy. He was killed by someone within the castle before Ariel had arrived but he does not know who. That was all the time Ariel had. Voices and footsteps of the castle soldiers were approaching. Even if Gianluca had the energy to stop Ariel from running away he wouldn't. He felt inside that what Ariel has told them was the truth.

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