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Hey i'm Jon. Not much to say lol. i mainly use deviant art, not avidly, but whenever i feel inspired to look at digimon or fan made digimon. I get tired of reading about the new digimon games being released and wondering if or when they will make it to the US so this helps me kill time.

Um in not much of a online role player or anything like that but i do have a gaiaonline account which is pretty cool (iRyujinJakka). So yeah.. P.S. the art have all been payed via gaian gold and or paypal. Please do not steal or copy my art or work. Thank you again to all who have accepted my commission and have produced amazing art for me <3


In a land of magic and mystic two nations are at the precipice of war. Divided each nation sent candidates through various realms in search for powerful relics known as Atlamillia which have been prophesied to determine the outcome of the war.
Main Heroes
Gianluca Vitale by iDranOberonEve Fiore by iDranOberonSerafino Blink by iDranOberonFrancesco Innocenzio Blink by iDranOberonFrancesco Dark Elf Mode by iDranOberon
Gianluca Vitale: loyal
Eve Fiore: compassionate
Serafino Fuoco: competitive
Francesco Innocenzio: innocent inquisitve enthusiastic

Supporting Characters
Karina Volpe Armed by iDranOberonNicoli Triste Armed by iDranOberonSirocco Chibi Pixel Blink by iDranOberonAriele Light Faerie Mode by iDranOberon
Karina Volpe: fascination mercy
Nicoli Triste: mischevous
Sirocco: perseverance

Major Antagonists
Ariele Letale by iDranOberonKing Arthur: The Once and Future King by iDranOberonSonja Fierezza Armed by iDranOberonRiodan by iDranOberonRiordan Transformed by iDranOberon
Ariel Letale: adventurous
Mikhail Sovrano: proud honor
Fontina Fierezza: determined
Fausto Sagezza: prudent


First Rival-True Archenemy-Final Nemesis

War->World Destrotyed

Atlamilia to save and remake the world

Minions/Bosses->Possesioon Fake Genie->Dark Genie

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MizaelTengu Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2015
Hey, Thank you for a number of faves!
iDranOberon Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
thanks but I didnt draw any of them. they were all commissioned. if y were wondering about a specific piece orr art style ill be glad to tell you the artist 
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