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July 1, 2013


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Notes for Across the Midnight Sky
Prologue 1: And So It Begins
    In a thriving land the royal family has been challenged by a member of noble lineage in the attempt to overthrow the throne. A knight's world is thrown into anguish as rebellion ignites a war. Surviving members of the royal family send a trusted knight off in search of the mystical relics known as the Atlamallias, in hope that with their powers can turn the tide of war.
Prologue 2: A Night at the Fair
    Gianluca is the main character of the story who along with a group of school friends attend a cultural festival. After hearing a loud explosion everyone is thrown into panic. Midst the chaos, Gianluca and his friends manage to escape danger with the help of a stranger, only to be accidentally transported to another world by that very same person.

Main Characters:
I heart these four by iDranOberon

Gianluca Vitale

Background: Resident of the small town of Veniccio. Often halted by self-doubt and personal insecurities, Gianluca sees himself as exceptionally average and underestimates his own intelligence and abilities. Although he sees the worst in situations he sees the best in people. This mindset is what attracts the group of colorful individuals he proudly call friends.

Eve Fiore
Background: Being of small town, Eve occupies herself by being involved in every school club, town event, and sports team available. A perfectionist who is known both for her compassion as well as her competitiveness does not let her busy lifestyle take time away from being with friends.

Serafino Fuoco
Background: During his childhood Serafino spent his life fending for himself and claimed the title of school bully. When Gianluca became his neighbor he constantly sought to protect Gianluca from the harshness of their neighborhood. As Gianluca's oldest friend very few words are needed to be exchanged for the two to understand how each other is thinking and feeling. 
Francesco Innocenzio
Background: Selfless, thoughtful, loyal, and kind can be used to summarize Francesco. With an innocent outlook on life, his continuously genuine smile instantaneously creates a positive atmosphere. He is an extremely fast learner yet is often underestimated so he strives to be the best and prove his worth.

Chapter 1: Part 1- Ocean of Endless Sand and Sorrow
    Gianluca Vitale finds himself in the middle of an endless desert unaware of what exactly has happened. Karina is shocked upon the discovery that he has been followed through her portal. She explains his situation to Gianluca and makes a deal with him. In exchange for his pocket watch, which was revealed to be an Atlamallia, she will assist him in finding his friends who have most likely been transported to a different part of the world they are currently on or on a different world altogether.
    Upon traversing the desert the two discover an ancient citadel. Within a cathedral were glyphs depicting a city of pride and might. Leaders of the city were quickly corrupted as the entire city strayed away from religion falling more and more into anarchy over time. The reigning deity of that world at the time was the goddess Macha who then greatly punished the city. Gianluca and Karina find no glyphs depicting a time after that point. Without another soul in sight the two decides to press on toward another world.

Chapter 1: Part 2- An Encounter with a Thief
    Eve Fiore is transported to a futuristic world encased in glass, metal, and giant neon lights. She is lost and confused and rightly so. Eve is thrown into further confusion when he stumbles into the burglar of a jewelry store and is caught in the police's cross fire. After miraculously managing to escape the hectic scene she yet again stumbles upon the burglar. Though she might not know her location Eve's sense of justice prevented her from letting a criminal go unpunished. She follows a trail of blood of his.
    Eve confronts the burglar while in an orphanage, discovering that the man she thought was a thief is really a kid (and is technically still a thief) who works as a clown in floating circus Cirque de Pari. The elderly woman that runs the make-shift orphanage introduces the young boy as Nicoli Triste. Eve's sense of justice is tested as she learns of the cities severe corruption. Those with money hold all of the power, and those with power can literally get away with murder. Those like the children and the woman in the orphanage are left with no means of survival and are deprived of necessities such as food and water, shelter, electricity, education, and medication. Nicoli sets off the steal from the hospital in search for medicine for one of the toddlers. Eve's sense of injustice is pointed at the city leader and insists on aiding Nicoli.

Chapter 1: Part 3-
    Gianluca and Karina exit the portal. Karina graciously lands on her feet while Gianluca is one again thrown to the ground. They appear to be in a thick forest. Only moments after arrival Karina is disturbed by the sound growing ever louder and closer. A giant beast enters her view. Karina urges Gianluca to run as the beast does not look to be a gentle creature. 
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